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Better Chickity-check Your Site Before Some Jerk Wrickety-wrecks Your Site

Why You Should Have an SSL, Daily Backups, and Malware Protection   "You now MUST have SSL Certificates on Your Websites or Your Site will be Flagged as NOT SECURE" —love, Google What the heck is an SSL Certificate? I know, right?!…
Eden Design 18 year anniversary

An Open Letter to Our Clients

Eighteen years ago this month, I took a leap of faith. With blind optimism (or more accurately, naiveté), I created a business and a life that allowed me to use my design skills to help change the world for the better . . . a little bit at a time.


It goes without saying that having a web presence to showcase and sell your products and services is necessary to remain competitive in today's global market. However, building a great e-commerce site takes thorough planning to make sure the…

What is Branding?

We love working on branding a new idea--nothing beats the excitement of taking a client's idea and turning it into a tangible representation of their product or business. We like to take that spark and send it out like wildfire. A brand…

What is WordPress?

Originally developed as blogging software, WordPress has become the largest, self-hosted Content Management System (CMS) in the world.* It is an Open Source project, meaning that it is created by and for the community and is worked on by hundreds…