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Double spaces (or not), Design, and Dyslexia

By Molly Northrup Bloom I gave up the end-of-sentence double space long ago. I remember when I started working for Jen and she said not to use it, so I dropped it without question. Once it was pointed out, I came to view double space as a blight that should be eradicated. My brain had […]


It goes without saying that having a web presence to showcase and sell your products and services is necessary to remain competitive in today’s global market. However, building a great e-commerce site takes thorough planning to make sure the products you sell are unique (either by nature, or pricing, or by the way they are […]

What is Branding?

We love working on branding a new idea–nothing beats the excitement of taking a client’s idea and turning it into a tangible representation of their product or business. We like to take that spark and send it out like wildfire.

What is WordPress?

Originally developed as blogging software, WordPress has become the largest, self-hosted Content Management System (CMS) in the world.* It is an Open Source project, meaning that it is created by and for the community and is worked on by hundreds of people all over the world. You don’t have to pay to install, start or […]

Eden on Pomodoros

We use the Pomodoro technique at Eden to help us stay on task. It turns out that humans work well at roughly 25 minute increments with short (3-5 minute) breaks, creating a flow that improves mental agility. It works for us. We really like each other and we really like to talk about what went […]

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Traveling: Pittsburgh

Three years ago my sister moved to Pittsburgh to attend University for six years while she works on her PhD. At first, I had the reaction that I now realize so many people have when they hear Pittsburgh, “Hmm…..really? Wow. Six years in Pittsburgh, huh!?” Regardless, I was thrilled, because she is an easy three […]

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The Folly Grill-Off!

It was a beautiful and delicious October Sunday at the Timber Frame Folly in Shepherdstown. It was the annual Folly Grill-Off and the Eden girls were there to represent. Jen and Miriam entered the event and I had the tough job of tasting. The rules were: cook any fish, bird, meat or vegetarian dish over […]

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Traveling: Houston

My husband and I enjoyed a fun family wedding in Houston last month without the kiddos. This allowed us to wander art museums for hours, read, nap and have leisurely meals with my sister and brother in law. We enjoyed catching up with family and stayed until Monday so we could really explore Houston — […]

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On Wednesday, I took my children to Miss Emily’s Art class at Four Season’s Books—our local indie book shop. Since it was my son’s first time, I stuck around in case he needed me. (It turns out he didn’t because he was too busy building a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired building out of marshmallows and toothpicks). […]

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Art Lab

MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) has a great new iPad app called Art Lab that kept my daughter and me delightfully occupied during a recent flight. You can sketch your own creations using cool tools and your fingertips while being inspired by the works of famous artists. My favorite is their version of exquisite corpse that two can play together. Use the …