An Uncorked Conversation

Jen Rolston Allyson Scammell Podcast

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone . . .

With the help of my friend, coach, and client, Allyson Scammell of Shanti Pax, I did something totally new and vulnerable this month — my first podcast interview! I was honored to be on Episode #7 (just so happens to be my lucky number) of The Uncorked Conversation, where Allyson teaches listeners about:

  • Uncorking core gifts to create more magic in life
  • Smart time management + soul-guided planning
  • Infusing higher tools into life + business without burning out

In our episode we discuss how to define & connect with ideal clients — our ideal people, those groups that we are meant to serve with our expertise, products, services, art and more.

I think the episode flows really well and has some great tidbits of information. Listening to my own voice was a bit disconcerting, though. I’m still not sure how a girl from the middle of West Virginia ended up talking like a Valley Girl.

Ways to Listen:

PRO TIP: Need something fun to do this rainy weekend? Play this drinking game: listen to the podcast and every time I say “totally,” DRINK. Totally.

Your Moment of Zen…

“I let the dog out, or I let him in, and we talk some. I let him know I like him, and he lets me know he likes me.”
— Kurt Vonnegut

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