Eden Design 18 year anniversary

Eighteen and I Like It.

An Open Letter to Our Clients

Eighteen years ago this month, I took a leap of faith.

With blind optimism (or more accurately, naiveté), I created a business and a life that allowed me to use my design skills to help change the world for the better . . . a little bit at a time.

Built on the belief that “to change the world you must first change your part in it,” I am thrilled to say that this mantra still holds true. That business, Eden Design, has blossomed into a successful marketing firm helping clients achieve visions that both nurture communities and improve local economies.

I am writing to THANK YOU for being part of this journey and for letting me be part of yours.

Jen Rolston - Shepherdstown Chronicle

Look — me, eighteen years ago!

I am forever grateful to you for entrusting me with your projects and am honored by the friendships we have built along the way. I am also grateful to have found such a unique group of change-agents and I want to remind each and every one of you how impressive it is that you have chosen to build your careers around your passions. As we all know, choosing to follow your own path is not for the faint-hearted!

During the past several months, I’ve been reflecting a lot on what Eden Design can do to further drive my mission of helping you to reach your goals. I concluded that my endless appetite for learning along with my years of working in digital media has given me a wealth of knowledge that I want to share with you! With that in mind, I’m thrilled to announced that every other Friday, you’ll receive a short and sweet email with easy-to-understand info on technical advances and opportunities, helpful tips for bettering your business and life, and little bits of inspiration and tomfoolery.

In a world that seems to be moving at the speed of light, eighteen years is an incredibly long time for most things but especially the life of a business. Thanks to you, what started as a leap has morphed into a soar.

With love,

Jen Rolston

p.s. Have a burning question or one that has been simmering (it’s not stupid, we promise!). Just email me with your question and we will respond by the following week.

p.s.s. A HUGE thanks to Allyson Scammell for using her coaching super-powers to help me break out of my comfort zone and build up the courage to start writing to you! More on her later but you can check her out now»