Are you . . .

striking the match or already on fire?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or growing your dream, we can fan the fire of whatever your passion happens to be and help you share it with the world!

We’ll admit it—technology can be a pain in the ass.


After all, we work with it every day and it turns out we’re actually good at it. We’ve become zen masters, if you will, making multitudes of resources do what we want. We take the scary, the annoying, and the frustrating away so you can focus on what you do best.


We love to create. Period. It’s in our blood.


Whatever you might need, we bet we can do it. Along the way, we’ll help you identify your ideal clients, know your competitors, understand your mission and visualize your aesthetic to create a compelling marketing strategy that will spread your brand like wildfire.


We make it easy.


Many of our clients are starting new businesses or projects with limited budgets and little time. Our years of experience have evolved into mad efficiency, which means we can create high-end marketing materials without breaking the budget. We love collaboration and feel your input is integral to the success of each project.

Starting a new venture?

Need a website? A logo? General HELP!?

Sometimes you need a little help getting started — maybe you need a name and a tagline, a logo, a business card, or a quick website to get your new project up and running.

We do that.

Eden Design

We’ll start by asking you to complete our online Design Brief form which we’ll then review with you. This valuable exercise helps to minimize risk and disappointment while determining if we are a good fit for each other—we usually are! We will then provide a detailed proposal and scope of work and, as we learn more about your project, we can refine the estimate to stay within your budget.


Ready to grow your business? Want a marketing partner?

We can work like an in-house marketing team without the hassles. Need an ad asap? Brochures this week? New web copy? A facebook status update stat?

We do that.


The advantage of this relationship is that we really get to know your business and can respond quickly to your needs. We can develop a three, six or twelve month marketing budget saving you time and money. By knowing your marketing plan and media schedule and having all of your files on hand, your projects can be completed quickly and easily letting you focus on what you do best.

Ready to go?

Have questions? Scared? We’ve got your back.

Don’t procrastinate! Give us a call, send an email . . . let us ignite your spark!

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